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Open net salmon feedlots have the potential to cause serious damage to the marine environments on Canada's east and west coasts.
Open net salmon feedlots have the potential to cause serious damage to the marine environments on Canada's east and west coasts.

We must not stand idly by while our coastal communities and natural environments are threatened by an industry that claims to be responsible and sustainable, yet operates with no barrier to protect surrounding ocean environment, is an incubator for disease and parasites, and starves one ocean to pollute another, among other concerns.

You can demonstrate your concern by boycotting the purchase and consumption of farmed salmon, telling your supermarket not to bring the product into your watershed, educating your friends about the issue, and voicing your concern to government.

By adding your name to this petition you agree to boycott feedlot salmon and are sending a clear message that you support wild salmon and want to see the end of open net salmon feedlots in Canada.

Please sign this petition and share it far and wide.

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Dear Member of Parliament:

I am writing to tell you that I don't want the last wild fisheries of Canada to be destroyed by industrial salmon feedlots. Fisheries and Oceans Canada destroyed one of the largest wild food resources on earth – the North Atlantic cod and they are on that path again, ignoring the science, ignoring a federal inquiry and ignoring the communities of British Columbia and the Maritimes. They are risking Canada's food security and coastal economies.

On the east coast salmon feedlots are physically displacing public fisheries in the shallow bays that support the biggest wild fishery in Canada – lobster. Coastal communities, economically and socially wounded by the collapse of the cod are being ignored. Sea lice breeding in the crowded fishlots are increasingly drug-resistant and the toxic chemicals the industry now uses are killing the much more valuable lobster. Legal proceedings underway are ignored as a new site was just granted in Jordon Bay, Nova Scotia, a lobster breeding ground.

In British Columbia, the $26 million Inquiry into the collapse of Canada's largest wild salmon fishery revealed this collapse began when salmon feedlots were placed on the sockeye salmon migration route and a virulent disease, DFO named Salmon Leukemia spread through the farms. Government scientists are muzzled, viral research hidden and a new farm was granted days before the Commission released its recommendation that salmon feedlots cease to operate if found to have greater than minimal impact.

The Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River recommended DFO be relieved of the duty to promote salmon farms, stating "promotion of salmon farms might, in some circumstances, prejudice the health of wild salmon stocks." It is unacceptable that there has been no response from any level of government to this inquiry that the people of Canada were asked to pay for.

I believe the health of our oceans is being damaged by industrial salmon feedlot chemical use and disease. It is time for government to step in and protect the coastlines of Canada and tell this industry it is unacceptable that they use Canada's most valuable and important fishing grounds as a toxic dumpsite. They must get out of the ocean now.

I am supporting a boycott of farm salmon. I refuse to eat it and will encourage markets to stop carrying it and tell my friends not to buy it.

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Don't Buy Feedlot Salmon.
Educate yourself about the issue and help spread the word. Tell your local fish markets, supermarkets and restaurants that you want a healthy alternative.
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